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The unHOLY war

Posted on: November 17, 2008 8:17 pm
it is called the holy war, but after being a part of this rivalry my entire life, there is nothing holy about it. BYU and Utah is without question, one of the most intense rivalries in all of sports. It is a state completely devided. ohio state and michigan fans always say their rivalry is so superior, but ohio state fans dont have to live with michigan fans, and michigan fans dont have to live with ohio state fans. an instate rivalry sure is something else, and the one here in utah is one of the most intense there is. the two teams may not always be big top 25 teams with a national championship on the line like florida-florida state, florida state-miami, alabama auburn, usc-ucla. but this rivalry has something unique in it that no other rivalry has. thats right, religion. i usually say keep religion and sports two seperate things, but when it comes to this game, they go hand in hand. the funny thing is, the majority of utah's fan base is lds. but there is this group that is so anti-mormon and goes out of their way to be heard and be the biggest idiots they could possibly be. me, being on the byu side of the game my entire life absolutely hate utah. i've had beer poured on me, been cussed at spit on things thrown at, arguments a plenty, toilet papered, red paint on my lawn. it goes on and on. who can forget the utah fans smoking cigars in cougar stadium after a ute win, or ute players starting a near brawl by attempting to tear down our field goal post. always the stupid mormon jokes. i remember utah's fans storming our field and their band playing their fight song over and over as we tried to honor our seniors. i remember red paint on the Y on the mountain in provo. plastic always covering statues on campus. guards by the Y the week of the game. this rivalry is intense. it goes as deep as it possibly can. two schools forty miles apart. without a doubt it is one of the closest games year in and year out in all of college football. no matter what kind of season its been for either team, it is a battle for blood come every november. and this season, the game is bigger than it has ever been. this is the highest the two teams have ever been ranked in a meeting between the two. this is the first time a conference title is on the line. bcs implications on the line. it's huge. its gonna be brutal. and i cant wait for the classic match between blue and red. i hate utah with a passion, so all i have to say is go cougars!
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